EconErre is a web magazine dedicated to current events and economic analysis edited jointly by the Union and by the Emilia-Romagna Region, ten issues are published every year.

EconErre is the only communication medium entirely dedicated to the regional economy and, over the years, has come to be increasingly more appreciated by a growing number of readers: businesspersons, administrations and public bodies, economic and professional organisations, unions, and private entities.

Econerre offers a complete and updated overview of the Emilia-Romagna economy, in its myriad aspects (company experiences, developing scenarios, production sectors, Internet, innovation, research, internationalisation) and of Chambers of Commerce activities.


“Unioncamere Informa” Newsletter

The weekly Newsletter of Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna guides companies on a journey of discovery of services and opportunities provided by the activities of the region’s nine Chambers of Commerce.

All mailing-list users receive, free of charge and by email, interesting news on activities, financing opportunities, new laws, tenders, training courses and initiatives in the field of internationalisation and missions abroad. is the official website of Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna and its most important online communication tool.

In operation since 1995, it was one of the first Public Administration websites in Italy. The site is split up into several sections and is packed with information, with a broad overview of all the activities performed by the Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna.

The website places at disposal technical-financial material relating to services for companies and all the statistical-economic production of the Economic Research Department. It helps distribute economic-financial information (the magazine EconErre, the newsletter, the press releases and online news), and institutional data and documentation.

The types of users vary greatly: private individuals, banks, SMEs, professional firms, and Public Administration Bodies, especially of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Chamber of Commerce system, both regional and national.

The Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna portal was created with one of the most cutting-edge content management systems (CMS - Content Management System), i.e.,  Plone This has resulted in website management which takes into consideration the parameters of accessibility and usability. (so-called "Stanco Law").

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