The Unioncamere Economic Research Department operates as a regional-economy observatory, carries out and coordinates studies and research, performing duties which the legislative reorganisation of Chamber of Commerce responsibilities has assigned to the regional Unions.
The regional economy is therefore analysed both in the short term (monitoring), and in the long term (observatory).

A large share of relations and surveys is carried out jointly with other parties, inside and outside the Chamber of Commerce system. Numerous forms of collaboration and synergies have been implemented with the study Departments of the Chambers of Commerce, of the other regional Unions and the national Unioncamere, with the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the regional ISTAT (Institute of Statistics), and with various research Institutes, Trade Associations and local Authorities.
The economy studies and monitoring Department identifies the changes under way within the economic and social fabric of the district, including by means of new indicators and interpretative keys, to provide local decision-makers with valid informative backing. All the studies and research work done, together with related data, are published by a dedicated section of the Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna website.

Activities include quarterly analyses (Observatory of the economic situation in Emilia-Romagna, Census of Industry and Services, Forecast scenarios for the regional economy and exports), yearly and twice-yearly analyses (Report on the regional economy, Agri-Food Observatory of Emilia-Romagna, Regional observatory on credit, Excelsior information system, SMAIL Emilia-Romagna – work monitoring system), databanks (on all major aspects of the regional economy and society), theme surveys (Regional observatory on internationalisation, Female entrepreneurship observatory, contribution to the regional prices and tariffs observatory, School work alternation, Water services and management of household wastes) and other ad hoc studies (the evolution of local systems in Emilia-Romagna, Emilia-Romagna companies - Internationalisation itineraries, the infrastructures of the Provinces of Emilia Romagna).


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