New Companies


Genesi is an integrated network of information and help counters set up in every Chamber of Commerce to provide a first orientation tool for anyone wanting to develop a business idea. The Genesi counters point out existing financing opportunities of a community, national and regional nature for Emilia-Romagna companies; they provide information on the administrative procedures  needed to set up a business; they indicate the trade associations providing start-up services in the area and the professional training institutes able to prepare and update would-be entrepreneurs; they provide tools for the self-analysis of corporate risks and self-assessment tests for determining business potential and aptitude. The Genesi network also provides backing for the realisation of alternate school-work and job guidance projects.

Women Entrepreneurs Committees

In each province, the Emilia-Romagna Chambers of Commerce have set up Women’s entrepreneurship Committees to implement strategies able to support development and the qualification of women in the business world. These committees promote study, information, training and credit access assistance and support initiatives, aimed at developing business culture among women and removing any obstacles in their way.


The Chambers of Commerce system, coordinated by Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna, provides its support to promote the services offered by workshops and competent centres in answer to the innovation requirements of companies, to propose surveys for the evaluation of the structural and situational variables with respect to the economic dynamics of areas, to promote information, assistance and guidance on matters relating to patents and intellectual property.

Mediation and arbitration

The Chambers of Commerce, by virtue of their third-party status, are actively involved in promoting and managing alternative procedures for settling disputes of a civil and business nature which could arise between companies and between companies and consumers. For this purpose, they have set up, within their offices, Arbitration Chambers and Mediation organisations, speedy and flexible tools able to provide fast and effective answers to the demand for justice of companies and the public, at lower costs, and within reliable time periods.

Trade Register

Each economic operator must be registered in the Trade Register. Since this has become operative, after the coming into force of the Chambers of Commerce reform law, it has shown itself to be an irreplaceable composite system for the good operation of the economy, able to provide transparent, complete and speedy information, and effectively simplify administrative procedures by means of web links which allow companies to dialogue with the Chamber of Commerce directly from their facilities.

From the Trade Register – computerised and operated by InfoCamere on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce – detailed information can be obtained on individual companies (legal status, date of incorporation and share capital, tax code, type of business activity, corporate bodies, powers of representation assigned to corporate bodies, number of employees) and on the major changes which have affected the existence of companies (discontinuances, liquidation, bankruptcy, changes with regard to company positions, moves).

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